Am I the only “mean mommy” who does this?

I regularly force my children to watch movies. That sounds horrifying when I say it out loud, but if you ask them, that’s what they’ll tell you. However, the conversation usually goes something like this. I’ll use my most recent offense as an example:

Me: Charlie(12yo), come watch this movie with me, I think it’s something you’re old enough to appreciate now.

Charlie: *lots of eye rolling and heavy sighs* What is it this time?

Me: Donnie Darko. It’s weird, and creepy, and all the things that you like.

Charlie: Whatever…If I don’t like it in 15 minutes, I’m leaving.

***Two hours and 13 minutes later***

Charlie: Hey, look at this cool Frank wallpaper I found for my phone. Best. Movie. Ever.

I guess my question is, why do they continue to doubt me? I know my kids, I know which of my quirks they inherited, and which ones they didn’t. Why can’t they see me as the cool mom that I am, instead of making me prove it to them over and over again?  #NerdParentProblems